Author: Elvin Thomas

Slots Cafe Casino – Licensed and Reliable Casino with awesome jackpots and no deposit bonuses


Slots Cafe in 2021 is one of Canada’s best and reliable casino. Every day the number of players only increase, however, as well as the number of bonuses. It happens for a reason, because this casino has something to offer everyone.

Before implementing the idea of, its creators have analyzed many other gaming sites. After much research and study of all sorts of details and trifles, they presented their creation to the world.

Thus, in 2015, the unique online Casino Slots Cafe appeared in the Internet sphere and is successfully exist and prosper by 2021 year. Since that moment, the casino has only gone up, it is replenished with new modern games online, profitable offers and attracts more and more players from all over the world.

In addition to the original site, the best selection of slots and casino games, the developers have prepared an extensive bonus program, jackpot, promotions, and tournaments for all visitors.


The first thing you can be sure of is security. In Slots Cafe you do not have to worry about entering and storing data, the protection here is at the highest level.

If various casinos previously could not boast of security and could not give full protection to users, now you should not even think about it, because this casino has SSL encryption, with which neither hacking nor withdrawal is possible. The proof is the lock in the address bar, which means that the site is completely safe.

Speaking about the license, Slots Cafe Casino is licensed by The Gambling Commission of Great Britain. Additionally, it has a license issued by The Malta Gaming Authority.

Games Set

If this is 2021 year and it is your first visit to an online casino or even to games online and it turned out to be a Slots Cafe, then we have an explanatory note for you. In the panel above you can always find buttons like New – this is a list of new games, if you’re tired of nostalgia, then this list is for you; Slots is a category that contains many different types of gaming machines, if you don’t know what to play, feel free to go here; Jackpots – here you can find the most successful slots; Live Casino – will appeal to those who want to play with real dealers, if you are a gambler, welcome; Casino – fans of poker, blackjack, and roulette will be delighted with so many variations of their favorite games; Fun – if you are tired of regular games and poker, then here are some unusual entertainments, such as lotteries or scratch cards, that are presented to your attention. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying something new.

As stated earlier, is a unique casino. Not only an attractive interface but also a huge selection of game software determines its uniqueness.

Such selection of games will appeal absolutely to any player. Even if you consider yourself as a very picky person and think that you will not like any of them. Believe me, here you will find that every game which you have been looking for a long time. SlotsCafe Casino will be your second home. Now, you do not have to play in two or even three casinos due to the lack of favorite games. This is the place that has all the slots you have been searching for.

If you are standing now, then you should better sit down, because this casino has more than 900 games for every taste. How do you like that? Sure, you are amazed, and that is good. Because you will not find such a wide selection on any other gaming site.

We are confident that you will love this casino from the first game. There are both good old slots that you missed, and many new ones that are not like the others you have ever met. Your task is simple – choose a game to your liking.

The casino has in its arsenal not only good old and well-known games but also a number of other little known but no less interesting slots. There are more than 10 providers, such as by2games, bla bla studios, Cayetano and others. So many providers give you a wide choice of games. Not every casino can boast of collaboration with so many providers. Nature lovers will love games like Firefly Fenzy, Larry the Leprechaun, Lucky Fish, Golden Caravan, Wild Cats Multiline, Queen of the Crystal Rays. Also, fans of nostalgia will like such famous games as Book of Dead, Starburst, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Dead or Alive.

Live Casino

A casino without live games like a car without gasoline – is useless. Therefore, there is a fairly large selection of games for every taste in this casino. Live casino is that indescribable feeling of a real live game, take your mind off the routine of everyday life, let yourself feel like in Las Vegas, where many tables with croupiers are waiting for you like a grandmother with pies at home.

With the emergence of new technologies, it has become much easier to live, everything that can be simplified, including the casino, is being simplified. Instead of flying to Las Vegas, spending a lot of money on flights and accommodation, you have a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a live casino with no problems and flights. Casino Slots Cafe will help you with this.

Mobile Casino

While other casinos are only available on PC, this casino went further. Slots Cafe is considered as one of the best mobile-friendly casino ever.

Like any honorable modern casino, Casino Slots Cafe has a mobile application. What can be more convenient than a casino, which is available anywhere at any time with your favorite games? There are more than 100 slots for every taste. It is worth noting that certain games are only in the mobile application.

Free Spins

This casino keeps up to date and does not fall away from the current trend, therefore, the slot casino has a welcome bonusto please and motivate new players. Right after registration, you will get 10 free spins, very generously, right?

But don’t think that only beginners can receive a welcome bonus, when you deposit a little bit later you have alsothe chance to get up to 150 free spins, which is good news.

Actually, these free spins called no deposit bonus, because you do not need to invest your money, but you can play anyway. Yes, there are casinos that do not allow people to play slots without investing some money, that is they have no deposit bonus at all. However, as we said earlier Slots Cafe Casino is very modern and user-friendly, so here you can find many pleasant gifts and bonuses.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to explore the casino with a welcome bonus and then decide which games you like most of all.

Everybody likes to receive gifts, thereby if you love playing games, the casino will be pleasing you with weekly bonuses that will delight you and motivate to new achievements.


What is most interesting in this casino is that unlike other analogs, is very generous with a variety of bonuses. If you ever play in other casino’s, you should know that they have only welcome bonuses that are given only to new players, but here everything is completely different.

It will surprise you very much, but bonuses are available here every week. For example, the casino has Magic Mondays, they give you 5 bonus spins for every 25 pounds sterling deposit. And yes, 5 bonus spins is not the maximum amount, you can get up to 25 bonus spins, but this is only on Mondays.

It’s doesn’t matter if you didn’t have time or missed Monday Bonuses, the casino has no less good news for you, it is called Weekend Madness – it is a 25% bonus and 10 bonus spins in one of the popular games called Starburst. You can get these bonuses every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Bonus Codes

If this casino is not your first, then you must have been in search for a while and have tested more than one gaming site. Based on this, you may have noticed that most sites have various bonuses and gifts to attract new players. But since this casino is very friendly, the developers have collected here the most pleasant bonuses, discounts, and gifts, most of which differ from others in quality. Another thing worth noting is the bonus code. In order for your play to be more pleasant, different casinos also establish this type of bonus. As for the slots cafe, there is no bonus code here, but this does not prevent it from being one of the best casinos today.

Deposits and Pay Systems

Wherever you are, no matter what casino you play in, this is quite an important part. Before you login at the casino, be sure that you have money to deposit. Of course, you can play for fun, but what is the point then?

As for the withdrawal and deposits, this casino boasts a large number of payment systems. Unlike other online casinos, which have only a couple of payment systems. You can use well-known: Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort. There are also newer systems like Trustly – which is more popular in European countries, Paysafecard, and Interac Online, which are more secure and trusted systems.

Deposits here are very fast, mind that not all casinoscan brag about it. If you sent the money now, then within one minute they will bein your accountalready.


When it comes to user support, the casino has something to boast about, because not every gaming site has 24/7 support. Customer support manager is ready to answer any question at any time that is convenient for you. Do not be shy if you think that your question is stupid, any question will be accepted and resolved.

Even if you have a question on weekends or holidays, you can ask it. Operators work seven days a week and are always ready to help.

In order to ask a question, you just need to go to the site and select any of the two boxes. One is located at the bottom left called Chat – if you need an answer, but not so urgent, the other on the right side called Live Chat – if you have an urgent and very important question or any questions related to registration and the first steps in the casino.

Easy of use

If the thing is made to last, there will always be words to praise it. As for the site’s interface, unlike othergame site, this one has a very ergonomic frontend. The most important thing in this website is that during the game, the background does not distract you and this is a huge plus. Pleasantly selected colors aredeeply gratified.

When you hover the mouse over the slot, it increases and there are two buttons to choose, which makes the site very easy to use.

There is also a panel on top where you can choose the type of games that you can play. Site navigation occurs without page freezes and without braking.

The same is true with the mobile application. Everything works very accurately and without any delay.

Once again proves that the site is very friendly to players, as they say, “everything for people.”

Total Review

Taking all of the above into consideration gives us the opportunity to draw conclusions on the following points: interface, usability, security, bonus system, payout system, mobile version, games and user support.

The interface of this playground is quite good and pleasing to the eye, blue and pink shades are selected very well as they do not irritate the eyes of users. One of the biggest advantages is the lack of advertising since most gaming sites go through that. In order to stay relevant casino, to be in the top and to be different from others, you need to keep a brand and this site does it very well.

This site is very easy to use, even a person who has never played in a casino can figure out how to play. The button positions are clear and convenient, there is nothing superfluous and distracting. All you need can be found on the main page.

If you are the person who enters an Internet an is in constant stress because of the fear that his account might be hacked, then here you can drop all doubts and fears. Starting with the fact that slots cafe is a brand of the well-known company White Hat Gaming Limited and is a licensed company, ending with the fact that any of your data is encrypted under the SSL protocol. This, in turn, guarantees that your data will never be shared with anyone.

As mentioned earlier, the bonus system here is very pleasant. Starting from welcome free spins, ending with weekly bonuses and no deposit bonuses. All the details listed makes this casino very attractive not only for new users but also for regular players.We understand that every person that comes to the casino is captivated by the idea of win the big jackpot and this is possible here. You can also see many reviews and make sure that this casino is worth playing.

The payment system is also very convenient since the casino has several payment systems, so everyone will find the most convenient way to withdraw money. Even finicky will be surprised.

The mobile version is as flawless as the computer version: it is free from freezes and other lags. Now everyone has the opportunity to play wherever convenient and whenever they want; whether you are stuck in traffic on the highway, taking the subway or lunch break.

As for the choice of games – this website is simply a leader among other analogs because not every casino can offer such amount of games. Here, both nostalgic guys and lovers of something new can please themselves.

User support is top-notch here. As mentioned earlier, any day, any time, they are ready to answer all your questions and support in any situation.

One huge plus is that there are plenty of countries, which can play here, for example: countries of UK, Canada and etc.

This casino takes care of users and helps them to prevent such a disease as gambling. This line can be found at the very bottom of the site, where you can follow the link and read about the possible risks. As developers take great care of their customers, all players have access to information about game spending and withdrawals in their own account. In case you become addicted to games, go to this section and see how much you spent, this will be a good step towards weaning.